What Makes Safety Seal® Different?

The world's best on the wheel tire repair system safety seal is superior to any other on the wheel repair tire repair on the market today!
  • 24 plies of a custom-made high-tensile (350 lb break strength) chemical-resistant nylon yarn
  • Each yarn is immersed in our unique proprietary rubber sealant system - 250% rubber to yarn
  • Our patented manufacturing process assures the final Safety Seal repair has an equal amount of rubber sealant (250% rubber to yarn) through-out the Safety Seal Repair
  • Superior tools to aid in the proper insertion of the Safety Seal repair into the puncture

For over 50 years we have been the #1 choice for tire repair kits in the world. The reason is simple, our superb reliability and quality.

Even though we’ve been around for a while, our research and manufacturing facility employs the latest technologies. We produce the critical components of our kits in the controlled environment of our U.S. Laboratory. This assures our customers that the product will work “first time every time”. When it comes to ease of use and the safety of the seal, there should be no compromise.

Product Chemistry
Our Safety Seal Repairs are formulated using only the finest ingredients. We don’t use less expensive fillers to bring the cost of the repairs down.

Quality Control
To us, having a repair that will work “first time every time” is critical. We could cut costs by reducing our on the line inspection routine. Take a shortcut here, a shortcut there, and before you know it you have an inferior product. On line Q.C. is a concept developed in the U.S. but not yet embraced in factories over most of the world.

Made in the U.S.A.
This has everything to do with manufacturing ethic, which is part of the way North Shore Holdings does business. Safety Seal, proudly made in the USA, is manufactured to the same exacting specifications as those we sell to the government for our troops’ own tire repair needs. If a tire develops a leak, it has to be fixed quickly, and the seal has to be reliable.