The Original And Still The Best

In 1964, Safety Seal developed the first plug-type tire repair. Since then, many have tried to replicate it but no one can match the quality and reliability of the original. If you want a repair that lasts, choose Safety Seal.

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The Original And Still The Best

Four (4) new BF Goodrich P205/75 R15 XLM H/T tires were punctured using 3/16” common nails which were left in the tire. The tires were subjected to a pre-test holographic analysis to confirm structural integrity. Tire were then placed on a 1989 Chevrolet Astrovan, inflated to 35 psi and driven for 50 miles with the nails still in them to better simulate a real-world puncture. The tires were then taken to an independent repair facility where they were repaired using Safety Seal repairs following the manufacturer’s instructions.


Physical inspection showed no air loss during testing.


Holographic analysis showed no ply separation or other damage at or near the repairs.


X-ray analysis showed no wire cord corrosion, deterioration, distortion or rusting.