In 1964, when Alec W. Niconchuk founded North Shore Laboratories and developed the first self-vulcanizing on the wheel repair, Safety Seal® became the leader in tire repair technology. Since then, over one billion Safety Seal® repairs have been sold worldwide making Safety Seal® the world’s best selling tire repair product.

Since the beginning, both field and lab testing has been an important part of Safety Seal®. The original Safety Seal® Tire Repair Kit received three years of testing before the first one was sold. This spirit of research and innovation never stopped. The Safety Seal® repairs used today are over 300% stronger than the original and, in 1996, Safety Seal + Plus® + The Liquid Patch® was developed, a revolutionary concept of tire repair that rivals the traditional internal patch.

In 2019, when the Niconchuk family decided to sell, Tom and Tiffany Bolgrean formed North Shore Holdings, LLC and acquired Safety Seal®.

Tiffany has been a sales executive in the technology sector for the past 20 years. She has transitioned to the Vice-Presidential role with Safety Seal®.

Tom has a long history in the automotive industry, having been with Branick Industries since 1992. Tom spent many years with Branick designing and developing the tools that Branick has become famous for. He became President at Branick in 2010, helping to steer the company into the future.

Together, Tom and Tiffany understand the rich heritage of family owned businesses and are dedicated to continuing that with Safety Seal®.