There is no need to wait to inflate the tire. As soon as the repair is completed, it should hold air.

Never use more than one repair if the vehicle is driven on public roads. If the vehicle is driven off road at slow speeds you can use up to three repairs in one location.

For all autos, pickups and SUVs either auto/light truck repairs (for punctures 1/8” – 1/4″) or Slim repairs (for punctures less than 1/8”) should be used. Larger road going vehicles such as semis, should use the Truck repairs. Heavy Equipment repairs should be used for large equipment that have very thick treads such as payloaders, backhoes, etc.

If the puncture is larger than 1/4″ or if the damage is outside the tread portion of the tire, it should not be repaired, regardless of what is used to repair it. Damage to the belt package and the potential for a catastrophic failure are possible in these situations.


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