Original Safety Seal

The World's Best "On The Wheel" Tire Repair System Safety Seal Is Superior To Any Other "On The Wheel Repair" Tire Repair On The Market Today!

The Safety Seal tire repair system is a unique method of repairing all types of pneumatic tubeless tires. The Safety Seal system invented over 35 years ago is continually improved upon. Safety Seal's commercial success, of over 1 billion repairs sold world wide, has spawned many imitators.

Do Not be Confused by Imitators!

Competitive repairs may look like Safety Seal but they do not perform like Safety Seal-while making an apparent seal at the tread (air may not appear to be leaking at the tread) these imitators of the original Safety Seal do not create the perfect seal at the inner liner. The Results- Air may seep past the repair at the inner liner into the tread causing possible dangerous ply separation and tire failure!

What Makes Safety Seal Different?

  • 24 plies of a custom made high tensile (350 lb break strength) chemical resistant nylon yarn
  • Each yarn is immersed in our unique proprietary rubber sealant system-250% rubber to yarn
  • Our patented manufacturing process assures the final Safety Seal repair has an equal amount of rubber sealant (250% rubber to yarn) through-out the Safety Seal Repair
  • Superior tools to aid in the proper insertion of the Safety Seal repair into the puncture

Accept No Imitations - Insist On Safety Seal
The World's Best "On The Wheel" Tire Repair System

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