Large/OTR Tire Repair Solution

In today’s budget-conscious environment Heavy Equipment owners and  fleet managers are under pressure to maximize the life span of their costly OTR tires and while trying to minimizing fleet down time. Being able to repair these tires quickly and efficiently is a major challenge.


OTR tires are used under extreme conditions experiencing a greater load and higher flex than tires used elsewhere. Down time is costly so a quick, economical permanent tire repair is critical.


Safety Seal OTR/HEAVY EQUIPMENT  TIRE REPAIR KITS are designed to repair large injuries in these types of tires. Each kit contains 18-16”(40CM) Heavy Duty Safety Seal Repairs, H-D T-Handle Insertion Tool able to accommodate up to 4 Safety Seal Repairs, H-D T-Handle Probing Tool, Special Lube packaged in a Durable Impact Resistant Carrying Case.


This product allows for a Permanent “On The Wheel” – “On The Job”-Tire Repair. Eliminating Costly Down Time.


Safety Seal advises this product is designed for OTR Large Tires and does not recommend multiple repairs for highway use. Product Code SSKHE.

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